Hello from TupperLake


First time user here. Just wanted to say “Hello” and that I’m really excited to have found this website.

Here is hoping you can turn me from an IT geek into a more artsy type!



Hey there,
Welcome! Nothing wrong with being an IT geek. :wink:


Hello, and thank you!

I hope all of you artistic/creative types can put up with an IT geek…


Welcome to this great community!

Hehe, we can only help. Eventually, it’s your choice. My first question is: Why do you want to be more of an artsy type?


Why? Because I have alays had a very passionate and creative side to myself when it comes to my ideas. And now I am trying to get my ideas out on paper - or as per my other post here, onto the Web.

I definitely have solid programming skills, but when I go to bookstores like Barnes & Noble, and I see all of the pretty books, or when I look at all of the beautiful artwork and graphics and design that I see online, I say to myself, “Wow! I would love to be able to do that as well!”

A lot of my friends tell me to pick one camp or the other, but I say, “Why can’t I be a good programmer AND learn how to design attractive websites too?”

So while I don’t have a formal background that most of you probaby have, I am intelligent and hard-working, and if you are willing to share and do some mentoring, I’m sure that I can do proetty well in the UI/UX space as well. :slight_smile:


In good news, that’s a huge misconception. Most of us do NOT have formal UX training. :slight_smile:


Well, hopefully you gurus can find some time and patience to help me out.

Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:


Some not so ‘artsy’ either. I’m a user researcher and spend more time digging into why people do what they do and how they think and feel. My background is in industrial design which is design for manufacture - some UX-ness in there because of the human element but definitely not formal UX training :slight_smile:


Great motivation!

You can always learn indeed and there is much you can find on YouTube btw. Just keep in mind, when designing you don’t always have to think about how you’re going to develop it. After you’re done you can search for possible solutions. That’s one of my tips.

Also, UX doesn’t necessarily the most beautiful design. UX isn’t always the best looking, but it works best for the users.

True! I did my Bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design and there was almost nothing about UX in that study.


I usually start with loose-leaf paper and a pen and draw out what I want (aka “design”). And then after I get a prototype, then I start figuring out the data model and system architecture.

That is me. I am looking for what is the most intuitive and efficient and helpful to users, not the most pretty!

Either way, I look forward to learning from all of you, and hope to hear from you in my other threads… :wink: