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Hi guys, I’m AJ, I’m from the Philippines. I’ve graduated from last year at April, then straight to being a Web Developer, doing backend mainly. Then for 4 months now, I’m doing remote work for a California Startup, as an Email Marketing Developer tasked on the VPS Server Maintenance. Now, I’m curios on the UX Career, I bought the Getting Started in UX ($5 onsale!), It’s been great, I’m now on Networking part, and I think it’s not just valuable on UX but on all jobs. I love the tools that they pointed out.

So from my background, what do you think guys I should focus first? Preferably design right? I’m not really good at it yet, I’m taking some Treehouse course too for design and web design in general.


Arman Jon Villalobos


Welcome AJ!
It really does depend on where you would like to head in UX as it is a very broad topic. There are some really helpful information in Getting Started in UX, and dipping your toes in design thinking can be really helpful too. What parts of UX are you most interested in (as it covers such a variety, it can make starting easier if you pinpoint one or two areas and develop those first)?


Hey AJ, welcome. :slight_smile:

What parts of your current job do you enjoy the most? That’s often a good place to start the thought process.


Welcome AJ. Thanks for buying the book, and glad you found it a useful read.

Luke and I were actually in Manila last month, teaching [URL=“http://uxmastery.com/training/”]UX workshops with the guys from [URL=“http://uxmnl.com”]UX MNL/[URL=“http://foolprooflabs.com”]Foolproof Labs. They are lovely guys and you should definitely reach out to them to catch up for a coffee or beer and have a chat. They are doing some great work and are working with some amazing clients at the moment. I don’t know if you’re in Manila or elsewhere, but there’s my tip for networking—introduce yourself to Russ from UX MNL! :slight_smile: Even if you don’t feel ready to apply for a UX-related role, those guys may have some tips (and regularly run educational events, like the workshops Luke and I taught) so would be a valuable contact.



Hi AJ, Welcome! :slight_smile:

There’s some pretty awesome advice here and my two cents would simply be to start with something you enjoy. Like Natalie mentioned, UX is a very broad topic and there are multiple ways to approach it. We’re pretty lucky in that we have a lot of options and starting with something that interests you is good because if you like something, you’re more likely to do it well and discover other things and it just sort of snowballs from there :slight_smile:


@Natalie - Currently when I looked at my self assessment I’m more on

Technical Communication - 4
Visual Design - 2
Usability Engineering - 2
Interaction Design - 2

Else are 1. So I think I could focus more on that.

@Hawk - Well currently my work is on the server side, I mean I’m tasked for the maintenance of the configurations and settings for our own Email Marketing, like making our own small SMTP servers. So no UX in place really is happening. Although I have an interview nextweek in Manila, for a UX position, but I’m just gonna be the only one there, and although I told them that I have no production experience, well let’s just see how the interview goes.

@Matt - Wow! I didnt know there was companies like these! I’m going to Manila nextweek for the interview, maybe I could email those guys or catch up with them. Yes! I haven’t finish yet the book but It’s really worth! First time buying a book online :slight_smile:

@Ash - Hey, well I do enjoy my current job, but I’m that guy that open to other opportunities, other options in life where maybe I could get better. And as I watch the video of Paul Irish in Treehouse, It’s what I really want to be, I’m starting out reviewing actually my prototyping skills, html, css, js, because I really like feedback, instant feedback on my works. So that’s like the “why I wanna be a ux designer”. Loved that talk with Simon Sinek btw from the book.


Hi AJ, welcome, sounds like you have some great technical skill to begin with. I’m coming to UX from a Graphic Design background, with very little technical/coding background.
Ive been reading Getting Started in UX also, all the information you need is there. Have look through the old articles on uxmastery some really great tips there also.

A few years ago I did course in Human Computer Interaction on Coursera, this is a great course, as you have to work through a design process and create you own app/website etc.

All the best


@Paddy - Well I think yours is a good thing, a lot of junior ux positions require good design background. Thanks for the link! It will end on Aug 29, dang. I hope I could still manage :slight_smile: