Having trouble finding people to interview

Yes, the script includes the questions. You should also say how you will introduce yourself and what you are doing. You wouldn’t ask outright what worked well and what didn’t, but you would ask questions that could give you that information.

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Great thanks for the help! Should I still create a screener survey too? Or should I just introduce myself in various forums, let them know what I am doing and if they are open to get interviewed?

You should still do a screener.

I don’t know if this advice might be useful right now.

I have learnt over the years, that when conducting user interviews/guerilla testing, don’t go to train stations. People are in a hurry to catch trains or getting off to continue their journey. And if you ever choose to do it at the train station, make sure it isn’t during rush hours.

Also, you will be disappointed at conducting the interviews in a mall, people will not wait to give you feedback when leaving the stores as all they want to do is just get to their destination. It is also very very important for you to get permission from the store manager or security while conducting the interviews.

Howbeit, simply introduce yourself clearly and explain what you are doing with the aid of a wireframe or sketch. Ask them questions that are not leading to what you expect them to say, but allow them to explain to you their thought. If you can get at least 5 people with their feedback, I believe that is actually a great start to identify a pattern with your users.

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This short video may help, 4 Steps to Field Studies with Users (Video).

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