Have you every used a physical UI Stencil?


If you ever used a physical UI stencil like what they have here: http://www.uistencils.com/collections/stencils, I’m very curious about how you’re fitting it in your process. When, how … and of course, why.

Sketching is part of who I am. I’ve fought for so long about using these kinds of stencil. But maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?


Also, maybe non-drawers would appreciate something like that (clients, stakeholders, etc.).


@bmeunier The stencils look really cool but I feel like Axure would be much faster. You can create standard libraries of your favorite icons and making slight iteration changes to an entire site simply by grouping things in masters.

The drawing kid in me loves the stencils.

The practical application guy in me prefers Axure.

Sorry. :frowning:


In my perspective, Stencil helps both designers and non-designers to prototype ideas faster. It removes the pressure of drawing repeated UI elements again and again.

In the case of a design workshop, stencil will help the team to try out more ideas. It helps everyone to scribe interface ideas fast on paper. And save your time for better thinking and trying out more possibilities. Even for Designer the story is same. And I think this stencil is a good item to have in any designers inventory.


Didn’t I see or read about a super sized stencil from this same company designed for whiteboards? Yes I did! :smiley: