Have 3 days to change career


Hey folks,

I am thinking of transitioning into a UX role.

Quick background: I have an environmental design degree (urban design) and I’ve been working as a community manager (designing and managing online communities) and now do social media (designing experiences, content, assets).

I’m thinking UX/UI design will tie in all of my strengths and interests. There is an opening in my company and I’m thinking of applying. But, since I don’t have UX training in particular (only general design degree and more towards architecture), I:

  1. want to make sure I think/know this is a good idea before I would switch jobs in internally and
  2. want to make sure I am prepared for the interview and have a good base knowledge.

So, I’m thinking of taking a few days off in December to dedicate to teaching myself UX/UI and exploring.

From you: If you were to learn UX/UI in 3/4 days - what would you do? What should I do? Any advice (generally?) and/or on curriculum? Ideally I don’t want to spend a ton…



I’d start with our Get Started in UX ebook. It will give you a broad understanding of what is involved.

I would pick a few online UX courses so that you have a strong understanding of what a UX process looks like and what skills you’ll need to pick up.

We highly rate Susan Weinschenk’s courses at The Team W and @joenatoli’s courses at Give Good UX.

We’ve also reviewed several other courses on our blog and we have a big list of UX courses here.


So how did things go?


I’m gathering research and trying to pivot internally! Hope to take a few days off next week to start!

Creating a learning path for myself and I hope to also have a portfolio draft as well!


Nice! Anything we can do to be helpful?


As HAWK mentioned, I would strongly recommend Susan Weinschenk’s UX Fundamentals course, http://courses.theteamw.com/series/free/an-introduction-to-the-user-experience. It’s free once you sign up for an account.

There is a lot to cover in just a few days, plus the portfolio. :slight_smile: Let us know how it goes.


Right now, I’m thinking of learning UX/UI as my 2018 goal (kicking it off with a focused 3 day intensive this winter break). I am successful at my current job and I get paid a lot, and I feel if I were to get a UX job at my company, I would have to take a pay cut. I also want to wait until I’ve done closer to 2 years in my current role before transitioning out. BUT, I started my portfolio and am starting the classes, so in a few months I should know a lot more, and have a portfolio!