Has anyone used PopApp?


Came across this the other, looks really cool. Anyone used it?



It looks very interesting! I’ll tweet it and see if anyone has any experience using it.

Hi Paddy,

I experimented with it just recently. I found it very easy to use - you just upload scanned images of your sketches, and create links between them, then you get a link to access the page for testing. The problem I had was that the dimensions of my sketches were different to the screen size of my phone, and I couldn’t find a way to get the image to fit in the screen correctly. I tried modifying the screen dimensions in POP and everything else I could think of, but in the end I gave up as I just couldn’t be bothered redrawing all my sketches (or digitally manipulating them all). I would give it another go, but next time I’ll ensure I use the correct dimensions for my sketches (and test it first).