Has anyone taken the Professional Program in UX Design from UC Berkeley Extension?


I’m currently researching programs for UX development and have found that UC Berkeley Extension offers a program in UX, based out of San Francisco. Has anyone taken this program or heard anything about it? I’ve seen only a small handful of reviews for this particular program (which were good) but have also seen many reviews for UC Berkeley Extension that were not exactly favorable.

Program website:


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While it is one of the few places I haven’t taught, I have heard mixed reviews. :slight_smile:
I have mentored a few people from the program and they all were struggling with their portfolio. For two reasons: one, you are required to code it from scratch as part of the program, and two, the classes have individual assignments and very few projects so it was hard to tell a coherent story in a case study. The people I mentored didn’t all have real projects (required to get your own) so that was a little difficult as well.

This is a good reminder to add this to my chart. :slight_smile: https://www.juliad.com/blog-1/which-ux-career-accelerator-should-i-go-to.