Happy Holidays


Hey all,
I’m gearing down for the holiday period. We have our UX Mastery end of year lunch today (which involves Matt, Luke and Kim having a bbq in Melbourne, and me Skyping in to drink bubbles on my deck in NZ).

After that I’ll be checking in daily to make sure that no one has any concerns, but I won’t be around as much as usual. If you need urgent help, feel free to email me on hawk@uxmastery.com

I hope you all have a really magic holiday season and I’ll catch you in the new year.


Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, thanks for all the work you have done with the forum and helping foster this community :). It has been very much appreciated, and a pleasure to be a part of. Awesome work by the UX Mastery team for 2014!


Thanks Hawk! Have a lovely Christmas and New Year break! :slight_smile: