Guerrilla test vs. traditional usability test & how do I record PHONE usability tests?


I have nothing substantive to add. I just wanted to say how much I admire the way y’all are working together on this. You’re awesome.


I am just really thankful that I am getting some pro advice on this. It is helping me a lot!

I just conducted my test today! Got a lot of high quality footage to look through tomorrow! I am so excited.

  • Local store manager (who is widely recognized as pillar of the community) was very agreeable, and allowed for me to set myself up in his shop and pester his customers.

  • I worked out a deal with him. Instead of offering snacks, I could offer a reasonable, fixed discount at checkout! It worked really well, and the cashier actually enjoyed my company, because it was a slow day.

  • Got 4 participants, and excellent footage, thanks to my DIY rig!


That’s fantastic!!! I’m so glad.

Hoopla Hooray!