Hello everyone, I’m Paul, a freelance web designer from the UK. Recently I’ve found my work falling more and more into the realm of UX design alongside what I normally do, and figured I’d sign up to chat with those who know more than myself and hopefully learn a thing or two.

Looking forward to getting involved with the community. :slight_smile:


Welcome Paul :), good to have you on board.


Hey Paul, great to have you on board. What kinds of things are people asking you to do?


Thanks for the replies. With regards to what I’m working on, my main client is a market research provider, and we’re (finally) rebuilding and redesigning their survey platform pretty much from scratch to make use of newer technologies and interaction to add a layer of polish to their final surveys that clients are expecting nowadays.

My main challenge is adapting or rethinking response types for mobile and other touch devices so that they are streamlined and not cumbersome to use. So, a question that requires a user to rank statements from 1-10 for example is easy enough to do on a larger screen as there are a multitude of ways that can be accomplished, but on a smaller screen and with touch functionality it can be a real chore.

My aim is to ensure each response type is fast (reducing the number of touches/clicks required to complete) and logical (not forcing a user to have to work out how to complete it). That’s basically I process, I look at what the user has to do to complete a question and see if there’s a quicker, more logical way for them to do it.

I’m kind of learning as I go along but now I’m seeing bad UX design (or rather lack of UX design) everywhere.


Hi Paul

Sounds like a very interesting project I’m sure you could test any ideas on the forum, I’d be happy to help if I can



Thanks Paddy.

I’ve asked about the possibility of speaking to/observing respondents to find out how they find the current design and see what improvements they’d make but it’s just not possible due to them being remote. Best I can do is use my judgement and ask friends/family (and this forum) to test prototypes and feedback.