Great UXers to follow on Twitter?


I thought it might be useful to compile a list of inspirational UXers to follow (for those of you on Twitter). Kind of like eMentors, really.

I really like the tweets of @coburnhawk and [URL=“”]@jodiemoule (and @[URL=“”]uxmastery of course).


So many to choose from! Off the top of my head, three UX folks who I enjoy the writings of (and hence follow on Twitter) are Patrick Neeman (@usabilitycounts), Whitney Hess ([URL=“”]@whitneyhess) and Bret Victor ([URL=“”]@worrydream). I don’t know if Bret Victor counts as a “UX guy”. He’s more of a genius design/code/thinking triple act who has come up with some incredible stuff.

I kind of dip in and out of Twitter—a bit like talkback radio. I miss a lot of stuff that flies on past, but I’m not worried about that and don’t try and keep up. :slight_smile:


@karenmcgrane has produced some of the best articles I’ve read on content strategy, definitely worth a follow. Likewise,
@lukew is a must have, especially if facts and figures are your thing.


Here are a few of the UX people/organizations I follow on Twitter:
[]Whitney Quesenbery: @whitneyq
]UX Pin: @uxpin
[]UX Magazine: @uxmag
]Caroline Jarrett: @cjforms
[]Jared Spool: @jmspool
]Aga Bojko: @agabojko
[]Rosenfeld Media: @rosenfeldmedia
]Timothy Whalin: @TimothyWhalin
[*]Measuring Usabillity: @MeasuringU


I would add:
[]Catalina NaranjoBock (@CatalinaNBock): A user experience researcher at Google (previously worked at Lego)
]Sabina Idler (@SabinaIdler): Founder of UXKids and specialist at Usabilla.


I’m a big fan of Dr David Travis @userfocus


@DesignUXUI - a great guy, quite prolific with links to interesting content
@Sentry_NC - very clued up with iOS
@cbehrlich - very well networked, especially for the US west coast