Great examples of Homepages


Hi Everyone,

I’m working on designing a homepage for an ecommerce client and I was wondering if anyone had any great examples of homepages that people would recommend beyond the usual suspects.

We are looking to create something that can be personalised for the customer so they can see order updates, relevant offers and content and product recommendations.

thanks for your help



It depends very much on the type of retail site. Is it a large retailer of thousands of commodity type products or a high end retailer?


Hi Rachel

it’s a food and non-food (gifts, wine, florist) retail site for a large retailer



I don’t know where you are from so don’t know what if these may be considered as usual suspects

The theme seems to be, big photos, set the scene, don’t get in to too much detail.


A few more, again mostly the same ideas


hi @uxtoby
I don’t know at which stage of the design process you are.
Since you have, already, some UX Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

I would start making them visual within a draft of the home page.

I would start to make a lo-fi wireframe to check:

  • type of content (text, images, rich media etc)
  • the amount of information (web forms, menus, lists etc)
  • the number of interactions (tap/click to open/close, tap/click to access a specific information etc )
    Once you (and your stakeholders) highlighted PROs and CONs of the proposal, it will be much easier to find, one or more, good benchmarks to start with.


Thanks @rachelreveley @dopamino