Graphic facilitation for UXers


On Friday, while out and about for our UX Mastery website photo shoot, a fellow UXer asked for some tips and resources for Visual Facilitation. Rather than hiding it away in a private email I thought I’d share with everyone here in the forums in case others find it useful too! Here’s a bit of a brain dump of the visual facilitation stuff Matt and I often use or refer to:
[]‘The Graphic Facilitators Guide’ by Brandy Agerback is a great book
]As is ‘Visual Meetings: How graphics, sticky notes and idea mapping can transform group productivity’ by David Sibbet.
[]Mike Rohde’s 'The Sketchnote Handbook’ is more for sketchnoting, but has a massive crossover with graphic facilitation and is one of our favourite books anyway. You can also [URL=“”]read the transcript from when he joined us for an Ask the UXperts session.
]The second video here shows a time-lapse video of Rebecca Jackson live-capturing a careers panel we ran last year. Very cool to see Rebecca in action!
[]If you don’t already have a copy of our UX Sketchnotes ebook, make sure you sign up to our email newsletter to get a FREE copy. =)
]And of course there’s Matt’s article ‘Beyond UX: Graphic Recording & Graphic Facilitation’ which gives a great overview of things.
[/LIST] If you’re in Melbourne and want to chat with other graphic facilitators, there’s the Visual Facilitators Melbourne MeetUp group.


This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks Luke :slight_smile:
I have looked through the UX Sketchnotes eBook by Matt, it is very inspiring and gives me lots of ideas for visual metaphors and how to lay out a graphic recording. Great work there by Matt.
I can also recommend the Visual Facilitators Melbourne Meetup. Fun sessions and the organiser there (Marcel) is very talented - plus no drawing skills required.


Superglad it’s helpful! =)