Graphic Designer looking to career change to UI/UX

I’m currently in Graphic Design and Marketing and finding it unfulfilling. I’m looking to make a career change into UI and ultimately UX. Does anyone have an advice on how to do so? Bootcamps, online resources, etc.?

Thank you!

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This is a pretty big topic to cover in one reply but here goes.

Thankfully, the world is your oyster and you can dive in to anything that takes your fancy. I’d suggest looking at some blogs from ‘the experts’ first off: people like NNGroup (the defacto leaders in the field) offer up amazing advice to whet your appetite. If you search ‘learn UX’ on the NN Group site you’ll surface loads of good content.

Knowing what ‘the industry is looking for’ can often shape your thinking or at least give you some context to your learning. Knowing why you want to look at something new, too, is important.

I might suggest having a chat with a coach. Someone who can help you analyse and break down your goals, find ways for you to learn, and help you set goals to focus your efforts.

(If you did want to talk to someone and consider coaching, it’s something I offer to creative pros and people looking to shift their career focus: drop me a DM and maybe we can set something up?)

I’m in the same situation. I am a Graphic and Web Design student who is deciding whether to go into UX.
HOWEVER! I learned the hard way NOT to trust ANYTHING you learn about UX on Youtube.
Do NOT trust anything you read from bootcamps or schools trying to sell you the course. They flatter EVERYONE into thinking they can be UX designers.
And yes, you absolutely need a coach and/or mentor to learn UX the right way.
The UX field is saturated with students who learned UX the wrong way. Especially from bootcamps.
Before committing yourself to this career I beg you to contact Debbie Levitt on Linkedin. She is a UX mentor/coach and consultant who is the only person I trust. Also, check out her videos on YouTube at Delta CX.
And if you like, you can contact me on Linkedin and I can share some of the advice she gave me about Graphic Designers entering UX.

Delta CX channel gives must see information for anyone looking at a UX education.
I wish this is where I had started.

Episode 56
Episode 37

Thanks so much! This is great info/advice.

Awesome thanks so much for the info! I’ll definitely look into Delta CX.

I started my career as a graphic designer! I had done a course in graphic designing then after some months I found an internship in UX designing. That’s how I became a UX designer!