Got a question about Figma

Hi, guys

I’m trying to figure out how Figma works and have one question.Maybe it’s stupid one, sorry :slight_smile:
I’m building prototype for mobile, and need to fix one object at the bottom of the screen (so when you scroll it always stays at the same place). I used constraints option, but if i open prototype on another mobile, with different screen size - it appears to be higher or lower, naturally. So, the question is: can i somehow pin it so it’s at the bottom of any screen?
Thank you

You can always fix the component in some position, however, Figma doesn`t understand where is the bottom of different devices unless you set the frame. Maybe you can set the smallest device as a frame and in the worst case cenario, you will see the screen smaller on your phone.

I`m not sure if I was clear :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Actually you are right. My mistake was that i didn’t set the frame, stupit mistake i know. But i guess that’s how it goes when you try to learn any new tool by yourself :grin:
Thank’s for replying :orange_heart:

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