Google new UX certificate..?

hey there, i’m complete newbie to the field of UX, i don’t even know if that’s the right place to publish such thread, but i’m sure that there’s a lot of experts in UX here, and i’d like them to leave me a tip, or maybe be able to get in touch with them to be like a mentors and guide me through this path.
as i mentioned earlier, i’m newbie to this field, i finished the two courses of google’s new ux certificate, and i want to know how i can improve better, because i feel overwhelmed and lost, thank you

Hi, and welcome to the world of UX!
It would be worth having a look through the various tags on this site in particular the #careers and mentoring area - there is lots of good advice in there, people asking similar questions.
If you have a portfolio it would also be worth posting a link to it in there and asking for feedback :slight_smile:

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