Good ways to ask a company about their process while interviewing?

I’m looking for well-worded ways to ask a company about their process, specifically their project planning. What I want to know is, how frequently do priorities shift? Is there constant re-work and changes of direction due to stakeholder conflicts? Which requirements can I expect to receive at the beginning of a project and in what format? Are your deadlines reasonable or can I expect to cut corners or work overtime to meet them?

I’m looking for suggestions on the best way to phrase these questions delicately, and to get meaningful answers. I’ve worked for startups without a formal process in place and which shifted directions at times that were easy to work for, primarily due to stakeholder agreement and reasonable deadlines. And I’ve worked for nightmare companies where there was constant re-work due to leadership conflicts and overly ambitious deadlines. I’m trying to find a good way to avoid the latter. I also find that sometimes I will finish my interviews without getting a good sense of their process, and have difficulty assessing potential employers.

Thanks for your help!

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I would ask about the approval process for projects. You can also ask the interviewer some of the same questions they ask you.
For example, “Can you tell me about a time a project didn’t go according to plan and how you dealt with it?”