Good degree for UX/UI Design?


Is a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Information Systems (Business + IT) applicable towards a UX/UI Design career?

In job postings I see that companies usually like degrees in Computer Science/Design/Marketing…


I don’t believe that degrees are 100% necessary for getting into the UX world. If you can show you can do the work, you can generally find a job.

That said, I’ve worked in the field for a few years now and will be going through Arizona State University’s online program for a degree in technical communications.


Have you checked out the eBook, Get Started in UX on the front page of The first chapter, Step 1: Get Educated does a great job of answering your question.

I’m new to the field, too. But what I’ve gathered is that degrees aren’t necessary. However, I’m about to graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication. My concentration is in Animation but they have a few classes that focus on UX design. I believe they’re working on developing a full-blown concentration in UX/UI. If I could do it all over again…


I think we all have that feeling sometimes. I wasted a solid decade while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my career. Once it came together, it made perfect sense. I wish I could have started things sooner.