Gold Members – All The Details Explained


Now that we’re relaunched this community we’d like to get some momentum going.

We’d like to do something to recognise those members that are going out of their way to contribute, and to encourage those of you who haven’t been so active to roll up your sleeves and join the conversation.

So we’re reintroducing our Gold Member’s program, with a few tweaks.

Members of this group will have a custom user-title and sport a shiny badge like this:

They will have membership to a private Gold Member’s Lounge where they will be able to interact with special-guest UXperts.

They will gain entry into a monthly prize draw (prizes include ebooks, a private audience with a UX specialist and other amazing stuff).

To become a Gold Member you need to

  1. Have a profile picture set and have specified a name
  2. Post your UX story OR invite a new member and introduce them in a post at the Water Cooler
  3. Make 4 other posts (that meet our post quality guidelines)


Reach Trust Level 3

*Note: if you were already a Gold Member when we migrated, you’ll have that status for life!

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@HAWK What do you mean by “specified name”?


Thanks for asking – I imagine others may be confused by that as well.

When we migrated from vB to Discourse last week, some usernames weren’t translatable so we ‘made one up’ for people based off their email addresses. We’re essentially just asking people to choose an appropriate username. In your case the migration worked, so you’re good to go in that regard. :slight_smile:


Ooh, so definitely wanting to get in on the Gold member status and the user draw. My username looks to be my email (though I wouldn’t have gone through migration) but I can’t see how I might change it.


We have SSO with our main site here so changing your username is an admin task. Let me know what you’d like it to be changed to and I can do that for you. :slight_smile:

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