Gold Member prizes announced


This is without a doubt my favourite task of the month – announcing the @TL4 prize winners!

In accordance with the tradition that we started last month, we’re awarding two prizes.

The first is our random monthly prize draw – the winner of which is taking away a copy of Indi Young’s Practical Empathy, courtesy of Rosenfeld Media.

And the lucky winner this month is @narekk. Congratulations!

Our second prize is for someone that has gone above and beyond the call of duty. This month that person is @dougcollins. Doug puts time into every post he makes, supporting others and adding value to every topic he enters. Thanks Doug – we love you! We have a tonne of stuff in the prize cupboard, so I’ll be in touch and you can choose something appropriate.


D’aww shucks, I’m touched! Thanks very much. I’m still pretty new to this awesome community, but I already look forward to dropping by every day. I’m glad I can be a positive influence on the community, and I hope I’ll keep doing so.

Thanks to everyone for being awesome!


Those words are gold for any community strategist. Means we’ve cracked it! You’ve made my day.


Well done @dougcollins, and a hearty congratulations to you too @narekk. It’s great having you both as part of the community. :slight_smile:


Thanks, Lukcha! I’m really glad I found this place. I’m looking forward to helping make this already great site as awesome as possible!

And @Hawk, any day I can make someone’s day is a good one for me. I’m glad I could provide a lift!