Gold Member Prize Announcement – July


I’m super excited to announce the fact that @Lukcha, @natassja and I have decided to award the Gold Member prize this month to a very deserving candidate, and that person is @dopamino! Yay!

Luigi constantly blows me away with the amount of time and effort that he puts into answering questions here.
Here are a couple of examples:

Talk about exceeding expectations! Thanks @dopamino for all that you do around here. We love you!

You’ve won yourself a license for Mockups 3 for Desktop from the lovely people at Balsamiq.


Well deserved @dopamino!


Well done @dopamino! :grinning:


Grazie mille!
this is the way how we thank people in Italy.

This Monday started very badly, but thanks to you guys, is taking an unexpected and very pleasant bend. You make me moved!

I am very honored and proud to receive this award from you guys. I like more and more this community and it is a pleasure reading posts, share and participate in so various and interesting topics.

Thank you again to all of you!