Give Us Your UX Test


While many will say that running UX Tests on UXers is a big no no, I would argue that there is a lot of value to testing one another and critiquing as we go. The best way to become a better tester is to test more frequently and learn from your mistakes. Similarly it should be noted that taking tests created by other UXers is a great way to develop alternative ways of looking at problems.

Personally, I would love to see examples of on-line surveys/tests that folks have either run in the past or running currently.


@Alvey_UX, I totally agree with you, I have done a lot of these user tests for UXers that I know from different communities and I absolutely learned a lot more about testing tools, how to ask a unbiased question, and also what should be test…

As you can also track some of my posts here, I also shared some of my company’s tests here to get UXers feedback on them, which was super helpful. Here are some tests if you would like to participate:


@enlightened_06, Your post inspired me to create this topic.


Thanks for sharing @ali_eslamifar.

I really like the way you took time to force the user to confirm that they had read the instructions before the just jumped right into the test. In my experience on screen tests often suffer from users glazing over the instructions and clicking wildly to get through the test as quickly as possible.

Nicely done!


Actually I should give the credit to UsabilityHub tool. They made it super handy so asks those kind of verification from users before throwing them to the test context.

Check out that tool, it works very well for us.