Give a Call from Anywhere


So here’s a question on phone links — <a tel:>, and such.

  • A user is provided with a unique link to a page
  • The link signals the page to display a ‘click to call’ function.
  • You know where that user is generally located when you establish their unique link.

Would it be good user experience to pre-format that phone number with an international prefix suitable to calling your number from their country? Would you feel the need to offer a way to change that? Would you display the number a specific way to make it clear that the international codes were already in place?

The link, or button, would be displayed on mobile or desktop versions of the site.

Trying to think if a Skype ID option could be provided too but I feel like this would get too cluttered and lose the advantage of being a simple call to action.

Send thoughts on a UI Card layout.


It depends on what platform the user is on.
Its a great idea to give just a call button saying “Call now” on mobile phones and tablets.
On Desktops since there usually isn’t a calling facility, you could display the number instead of the “call now”.

Having an international prefix shouldn’t affect the user if the number is within their home country.
Another way I’m thinking of - if the user clicks on that number, it could display a prompt for confirmation, depending on the user’s country.
Something like “International number. Do you want to place the call?”


Ved that is a really good point that I wasn’t thinking about. I was thinking that the call function would be transparent and tailored to the specific individuals country with the idea that having to potentially look up international calling prefixes (which would be fairly common with my theoretical application) is a pain for the user.

But international calls are expensive and the user needs to know they’re potentially placing an overseas call… need to rethink this a bit.