Getting Stake Holders to a Focus Group/Research Meeting


So I’ve been in web design for years both freelancing, and full time at a hospital. My hospital was merged with a much larger hospital recently, and my new title is “UX/UI Designer”.

One of my first projects is to go through a list of 40+ “ideas” they have created over the past year, and pair it down into, let’s say the top 10. To get it down to the top 10, I would use internal “users/stake holders” who understand the business.

But to prioritize the top 10 into projects, I may need to consult with the actual end users, which are the patients. Any suggestions on how to “solicit” our patients? Do I offer an incentive?

Does this sound like the right approach? Any advise or direction appreciated!

#2 here’s a good article that shows a few techniques to identify the best projects/features to work on.

I’ve never worked within a hospital environment before so I’m just guessing here but I’d imagine some people could be sensitive to being disturbed however others who have nothing to do would gladly help? Just be friendly and sensitive, maybe ask the nurses for tips on which patients would likely be helpful? You might be surprised about how many people will gladly help you once they realise you’re going to be making their experience betterment