Getting back into the UX field



Actually, I never even started my career in UX. Let me explain…

I graduated in with a B.S. in Applied Psychology from Arizona State University in May 2012. A good portion of my undergrad work focused on human computer interaction, cognitive psychology, and human factors. I learned a lot and was even given the opportunity to run some usability studies on a flight simulator that trains pilots on holding patterns. Unfortunately, I was never taught how to look for careers in UX. I needed a job quick, and ended up in the behavioral health field (There are always positions open). This also led to me obtaining a Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in August 2014. My passion for UX over powers my passion for working in the behavioral health field. I find myself constantly reading UX related articles and books and would love to actually get into the field. I’m located in Tempe, Arizona. What would you guys recommend for me to do in order to gain experience in the field? Thanks!


Hey Jared,
It sounds like you’ve been down an interesting path!

Are there any non-profits/schools/museums in your area that you could do some pro-bono work for in order to build up a portfolio?
You could also try contacting a recruiter to see what kind of jobs are around in Tempe, and what kind of experience they require.

Edit: I’ve just realised that I made the assumption that your name is Jared! Apologies if it’s not.


Thanks! I know this is a little over a month late, but I was able to find a few people that would allow me to work with their material. I’ll keep you updated.


@WithoutJared How did you go? Have you found yourself any further down the path?