Get ready to... Discourse! We're about to relaunch this community


[SIZE=14px][B]We’re migrating this community to a new platform.[/B][/SIZE]

Finally the day has come! We’re leaving vBulletin behind and moving onto a much more robust, bug-free, user-friendly community platform – Discourse!

That will happen this Friday evening AEST (just after midnight Thursday PST).

[SIZE=14px][B]What that will mean for you.[/B][/SIZE]

If you visit here during the migration process (which will take 2 or 3 hours) you’ll find this place shut. Hang fire and keep an eye on your inbox – we’ll send you instructions to create your new account on Discourse, and link it to your existing information (posts, messages etc).

If you have any questions or concerns, email and I’ll help you out.

See you on the other side!


We completed the migration earlier tonight (Eastern Australian time) without a hiccup, and every registered member on the old system should have received a welcome email with a link to confirm and import their existing account details, posts, replies, etc. If you’ve missed this email let us know and we’ll re-send it.

In the meantime, how good is Discourse! We’ve been planning and looking forward to today for a long time, and know this platform will be a great support for the UX Mastery community. A massive, public thanks to @HAWK from me. I love your work!


Discourse is the best! Stoked with how well this all went down, which is completely thanks to all your hard work and planning @Lukcha – you’re a legend. :slight_smile: