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At UXMastery we believe that getting a mentor is a key part of becoming a really great UX designer.
Matt explains the reasons why in this excerpt from his article How to Get Started in UX Design.

[B][B]Get A Mentor[/B][/B]

For me, finding a mentor was a real turning point. Even though we don’t catch up as often these days as when we first formalised the mentoring relationship, when I look back now, many of the big decisions I made career-wise happened soon after I found a mentor and he started encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. My mentor not only helped shape the process that I use on design projects to this day, he also encouraged me to start giving presentations at conferences and meetups, and to quit the low-paying job that I was in and take control of my career. For that I’m eternally grateful.
Finding a mentor can be hard, but hopefully if you’ve done a good job of Step 4, you’ll at least have more people within your circle and a better understanding of who’s who. Hopefully someone will stand out. Failing that, you could try a more formal program such as [URL=“”]IAI mentor program.


There is some great information about finding a mentor (or mentor[B]s[/B]) in the ebook that we’re launching next week! I hope to get the designer we interviewed in the book on one of our webinars in the future to talk about this stuff. It’s important!


When I have already read for about 10 or more books about UX and realized that I already have some knowledge I started to wonder how to use all that knowledge in real life or even better in work. So I started to look for a mentor who would teach me to use all that knowledge and would bring me some new skills. Then I just tried my luck. I emailed one of my favourite and followed UX professionals in New York and asked her to help me being my mentor. Now I am one of the luckiest guys, she agreed and she is still teaching and leading me. Thanks to her.


Here is a sitel for finding mentors. I tried myself, but I didn’t like the format of conversations. But, of course, it doesn’t meant that it is not a good service. Try yourself, maybe someone will like it.

#5 - I recently came across this Slack group.
It’s a great group. Mentors are fast to respond to questions in the channel.


That’s cool!

We have a less formal thing going on in our own Slack channel.
Everyone welcome!


There is also and out of office hours that both offer various stages of mentoring.


@HAWK Can I get an invite on your Slack team or channel? Sorry I don’t really know how to use Slack


Sure thing.


Hi Hawk! Could I also get an invite? My email is
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Hi ya. For sure. Go to the link above and you can auto-invite :slight_smile:

I should say that most of the more valuable discussions happen here though – it’s a more engaged audience.