General Assembly vs. Tradecraft for UX Design Immersive Course



Hi all,

I’m making a career shift from Marketing into UX Design/Research, and as a first step, applied to General Assembly and Tradecraft (both based in SF). I just found out that I’ve been accepted into both programs and am wondering if anyone has any insight into the pros/cons of either. Both are around the same price and have similar course outlines, so I’m having trouble making a decision!

I’m specifically interested in transitioning into a UX Research role. Both programs offer User Testing and research methodology, as well as design/prototyping. I’ve heard that GA is more widely known, but TC is better connected within the San Francisco tech scene and can be a bit more personalized.

Any insight or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:



Hey, congrats on making the jump! It’s an exciting time for you, to be sure.

GA is definitely more widely known. I can’t speak to TC’s connections to SF, but it’s catching up with GA in terms of name recognition.

@HAWK - do you know of any San Francisco based UXer’s here that might be able to give some insight on that piece?


@inca431 has a friend that is a UXer in SF.


My friend works at a small start up, not sure she’s had much experience with UXers from boot camps, but I’ll ask her! Chris


Thanks all for you help! @inca431 that would be amazing if possible- much appreciated!


I checked with my friend in SF, she works for a small company and is their only UX’er, so she said she’s been out of the hiring system for a while. She apologized, but didn’t feel as though she had any insights on bootcamps and hireability.


@inca431 No worries! Thanks for asking anyways!


I can put out a tweet for you.


Sure, that would be fantastic if you don’t mind! Thanks @HAWK!



Sorry, I just saw this thread. You’ve probably already made a decision. :slight_smile:
I have taught UX at General Assembly and lectured at Tradecraft. As far as UX Research, they are both about the same as it is very basic and probably not enough to get a job as a UX Researcher.
From a hybrid UX Designer point of view, Tradecraft has better connections with startups in SF. Most people who graduate from General Assembly in SF take about a year to find a job.
The other thing to think about is General Assembly recycles projects so a lot of graduates portfolios look the same. Tradecraft has a bit more variation and real-world experience to add.

Hope that helps!


GA is pretty good, they teach you all you need to know about ux and design thinking. You get what you put into it, the project we were assigned was up to us in terms of the topic so everyone had their own.


Hi @ralphc_nyc,

I don’t mean to be negative… However, as someone with a very long history in UX, GA does not teach you all you need to know about Design Thinking and UX at all, not even close. To think you can go to any boot camp and walk out a UX Designer is incorrect. It takes years of practice.
Also, GA only has one client project where you work with other people in a group, which is the most common setting in the real world. Both GrowthX Academy and Tradecraft have 3 projects like this. Plus, as I said earlier, GA recycles their projects (client and in-class) so a lot of the projects on portfolios look the same.


@jdebari Thanks so much for sharing! I actually decided to go with Tradecraft, so it’s great to get your perspective and some confirmation :blush:


@dshoshani89 I’m faced with a similar quandary - currently evaluating GA, Tradecraft and GrowthX Academy for a UX / product design immersive course. How was your experience taking Tradecraft’s immersive course? Thank you for your candid insight!


@kgray616, out of the places you mentioned, I would suggest Tradecraft. GrowthX Academy isn’t teaching classes right now and I know in some places GA is getting a lot of backlash from UX employers.


@jdebari thank you for the poignant insight, it perfectly captures the aggregate feedback on Switchup too. I have a call with Tradecraft this Monday to learn more!