General Assembly UX information night: Wed Feb 19th in Sydney


If you’re in Sydney, there’s an event this Wednesday called From Visual Design to UX: Making the Career Switch.

UX Mastery is co-producing this event with General Assembly. It’s a panel with some designers from industry, some graduates from General Assembly courses, and … your host: me!

It should be a lot of fun. I’m going to try and throw in a few curly questions for the panel. If you’re a visual designer, be sure to register and come along (it’s free):

[B]What:[/B] From Visual Design to UX: Making the Career Switch (plus networking and drinks afterwards)
[B]When:[/B] Wednesday,
[B]Where: [/B]General Assembly Sydney (Surry Hills)
[B]RSVP:[/B] Here


Here’s a photo from the event of the panel in fierce debate. Actually, the panelists did most of the talking and I just tried to ask them curly questions and sound intelligent. :slight_smile:


This looks great, although I an unable to attend. Is there any chance for an event similar to this for Melbourne?


Hi mictee. General Assembly are expanding and I know that Melbourne is in their sights, so it’s inevitable that they will run a similar event in Melbourne at some point.

That said, we might run something similar ourselves too. In the mean time, I can vouch for the regular UX Melbourne events and know the helper team have big visions for this year, including more book club meets, more movie nights, and possibly some other, more ambitious, events. I know this because I am one of the helpers! Be sure to sign up to the [URL=“!forum/uxmelbourne”]Google Group to stay informed.


Thanks Matt,
I am looking forward to the first movie night for the year. :slight_smile:


Hi there, would have loved to get to this but its a bit or a trek from Ireland. Im in exactly that category Visual Designer to UX. I don’t suppose there is a recording of this event?


Sorry Paddy, no—it wasn’t recorded.