General Assembly online course



Hi everyone, I’m really excited to be starting the online course with General Assembly very soon. It’s the six week user experience circuit one.

I’ve been a print/digital designer for about 13 years, and have been getting into UX the past year, there’s still so much to learn. Has anyone completed this course? Or been on GA courses? How did you find it, were the mentors helpful? Did you find you left the course with a more thorough understanding and could transfer the skills/approach to your current role.

Be interesting to hear other people’s experiences.

Happy Friday.


Hi @bentyler33 – welcome! Yay, that’s exciting.

Have a read of this topic, which discusses GA in depth. Both @benrenegar and @jdebari teach at GA so will likely be able to help with specific questions.


Thanks Hawk, really helpful, I’ll give this a read. Have a nice weekend.