Gathering user data for weather app


Hello everyone,
I finished studied UX design and i making a weather app to practice and learn by doing first project for a portfolio.
My question is how i start to gathering user goals and motivation for this? i know there all ux research methods.but how do i actually can do it? its easy to read but when starting on a black canvas its total different game.

Thank you all


Hi there,
Welcome. :slight_smile:

Many people start with a product development survey. You can see a great example of that from @SteveCrow here. If you search for Survey in this community you’ll find many other examples.

If you have a go at putting one together, we’d be happy to help you refine your questions to get the best results.


Hi, Thanks, the examples are great, I’ll start refine some questions to get a direction. And yes, I will post the survey here for feedback.