[Game] Show us your last photo


Well, this has never worked out this well for me before.

This is the view from the top floor of the Dominion Enterprises Building in Norfolk, VA where I work. I was prepping to do a dry-run of a presentation on Google’s changes for Mobile-First Indexing.

To the left is Nauticus, a great Maritime Museum. The Battleship Wisconsin is there in the foreground with its guns trained on the other conference room. The container ports are in the background. Off to the right, in the middle ground the NOAA building is hiding, that’s where I worked until last September.


Amazing view! Great to see you back, BTW. How’s life?


Doing better, thanks. Ended up as a Business Analyst so I kinda get to play UX. Pay’s not the best especially considering where I was but I have a good team so more than happy to work here.

Mid-term goal though is Switzerland so I’ve been trying to find side work I could do to build a relationship and prep our finances for the move. Hoping to move over by mid-late 2018. :crossed_fingers:


My sleepy little nap buddy from this weekend. She’s dealing with her second ear infection. :frowning:


Took a pic of my from scratch homemade tomato soup because I am a foodie and it came out beautiful.


Wow! Looks amazing.


We’re decorating our ensuite so we went tile shopping in the weekend.


Ooo, I like those! Not sure if it would fit into your plans but, another photo I have would be great with those.


That just makes me real curious: which came first? The floor or the table?


Picture I took to use as an example for a briefing I was giving to a designer. This is the information card KLM puts in the seat pocket, with instructions on how to connect to the on-board WiFi network.


Now I’m hungrier than I was before. That looks yummy!


My company just redesigned our front entryway…so this is documentation of progress.


My last photo is a boring medical bill, so here is the one before the last. This is at a park close to our office.


What does this even MEAN?! I snapped this a few days ago on vacation.


Wow. So many possibilities.

No giant women allowed in the shower? Only tiny men allowed in the shower? Men are only allowed to shower in pairs? This shower is for male twins only?


Only men will be beamed up to the space ship…


Haha that is brilliant, now I can’t see anything else!


I posted that in our work Discourse and one of my colleagues said

I thought it meant, “small aliens who beam down to earth from spaceships are not permitted to abduct women”.


click shared by a friend … ROFL!