[Game] Show us your last photo


I’m keen to get to know you all a bit better, and I think the fastest and easiest (and most fun) way to do that is with a few games.

So I’m going to kick this one off for a start.

Post the last photo you took on your phone (don’t cheat and take one) and tell us what it is and why you took it.

I’ll start:

This is a photo of one of the studios in my gym this morning. I took it because my bf didn’t believe it when I told him that we can fit ~300 people into the studio. (I should prob have waited until everyone arrived.)

What was your last pic?


#Barra da Tijuca beach

I was driving and then I saw a beautiful sunset.
Tried to catch it in the external rearview mirror, but… lmao.

No cat and no dog were run down while taking this pic. And no person too. Yay! lmao


Took this to show off my culinary skills on Instagram. Challa French toast with strawberrie, blueberries, maple syrup, and hand-made whipped cream.


This photo doesn’t look very exciting. The real meaning is in what it represents…

My old tent has finally gone to the big campground in the sky. After buying a new one this afternoon I took this photo as proof of purchase in case I need it for a warranty claim (thermal sales receipts fade over time).

I plan to test the new tent (their trusty Apollo model) atop Mount Buffalo this weekend. :slight_smile:


I’m beginning to regret starting this game.

I don’t know if I’m more jealous of @vsarmento’s amazing Brazilian beach, @dougcollins’ incredible looking breakfast or your camping trip.

The gym pales in comparison to all three!


Just as well it’s not a competition. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Have to say that looks like an epic gym tho—you could really get a dance party going in there!


This is the same room when we film the new releases. It does look a bit like a dance party…


I took this on Easter Sunday after a long walk around a place called Snuff Mills. I think the cake was well earned.


@HAWK Almost like Just Dance videogame :slight_smile:


Ha! That face says it all. Too cute.


This is a picture of the back yard of my school’s Informatics building. I went there to get some work done, but it was so warm and beautiful that I just sat looking at the sky.
I took this picture as a memory, since I have only a couple of weeks of school left.


This glass blur got captured a couple of days ago when I was trying to overcome the drowsiness early in the morning… :slight_smile:


I just thought it was a cool cruising bike, but now that I upload it here I question how usable/safe it is to have so many dials between the handlebars…


Does look pretty cool though. Do other bikes put the controls elsewhere?


My daughter Hunter is doing her science badge at school. This is stage one of her experiment.


Same place, but here is an example from the world’s most common motorcycle - even the original had two dials only.


@joshua_shuv The beauty of motorcycles-- even modern ones-- is how simple of machines they really are. Though everything has some computer components these days, it makes me wonder just how much of this information is truly necessary at any given time. With today’s e-ink displays, I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to build a UX that gave only relevant information while traveling, with auxiliary information available when the motorcycle is not in motion.

Could be a fun project…


This morning I took multiple pictures of the office cats fighting over who got to sleep in the cat bed.


I’m sure those were love nips offering to share! Cats are too adorable to ever fight. >koff koff< :wink:


I do like to look at the sky for a few moments, sometimes…