Funny interviews and interview moments


I thought I’d follow the interview disasters thread with a funny interviews thread.

I can’t contribute much to either apart from the interview for my current job which I did on Skype from a hotel lobby while on holiday, (deliberately) wearing no shoes just so I could say I did.

I also wore trainers for the interview for a previous job I got admittedly they were black so not very noticeable.


hmm, well i remember years ago when i ended up interviewing for a part time job at New Look, the interview was just us talking about our favourite foods for the entirety of it, i thought that was quite weird/funny.

Also at Next, they asked me what i thought the role of the person standing at the front of the store was… and for some reason i said ‘to look angry and as intimidating as possible to deter thieves’. Looking back i do find it funny how young and stupid i was lol :grinning:


I don’t have much to add here either. But in my last interview, the initial question wasn’t, “Tell us about yourself,” it was, “If you were an emoji, what emoji would you be and why?”

I got a kick out of it and it did put me at my ease.


That would really throw me off I think.