Full Product Management Process and Tool


Hi Community! how long! Sorry for this time away but you know… bigger business hehe.

I’m here today in order to ask you for your knowledge about some techniques about how to manage the full UX and product process in order to create a unique and optimized flow.

The situation and challenge is (more or less):

  1. Recover all the users feedback from different ways (support, social networks, etc.)
  2. Now, make a prioritization of all these insights taking in mind business goals and usability or user needs.
  3. Then, make a decision about which of these insights are ready to work on them and check it out them.
  4. Analytics of this and iterative process

So, the question is if anyone knows some tool which you can compile all the feedback in one place in order to “cook it” and later show and view the process all in one in order to show the data in a easy way in for make decisions (showing word clouds, users needs counts or votes, etc)

I hope I explained well the concept and intention.

Thank you all!


We use a tool called productboard for this. It’s pretty cool and integrates well with other tools to help collate feedback eg slack, email, airtable. These feedback items can then be scored, tagged etc and used to identify trends/insights. I’m interested in what tools/workflow other people use though as our process isn’t perfect.


You can’t believe it but is exactly the same situation. I use productboard as well but I need to buff next steps hehe.

So if anyone has some idea about it and wants to share their experience… feel free to do it.

Thank you!


ah nice, what are the next steps you need to look at i.e. what are your current problems with using productboard?

If you tag and score each feedback item well, i find it does a good job of highlighting the main areas to prioritise in the roadmap. Are you looking for something more?


Yes, I have them well scored but I have hundreds of ideas with thousand of notes inside. The problem now is priorize them in order to create a funnel without forget other external ideas.

Maybe the right question is: and now I have all these insight, how I can continue? I have drivers created even. But now is a little confused because is more like brainstorming box than just that, a product board for management process.

So the question is, how do you decide which feature choose in the next spring? Do you use user impact score o you have other drivers? Do you use the matrix section or…?

Lot of useful information which I don’t know how to filter now exactly.

Thank you!


ah right, well at my company, that remit falls to the product team. Do you have product managers/owners to work with?

My assumption would be to discuss with the business a few different ideas to progress, by ranking them in terms of risk (https://svpg.com/four-big-risks) and then like marty cagan suggests, test/prototype them as soon as you can. A design sprint is a good way to validate each idea. The only way to know is to put it in front of users

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Yes, I’m on Product department hehe and I work with a new product manager. That’s the thing, we have lot of request but “difficult” to filter them and this was the reason I decided to ask about if someone knows a good process to do it.

Anyway thank you so much for your participation.



funnily enough, one of the product managers just shared this on slack, it might help you with next steps Applying Customer Feedback in Product Management by UserVoice CEO - Product School

This approach, on top of quick, regular prototyping of ideas should show you which ideas to progress with. Out of interest, how much prototyping of new ideas do you do? In my experience, not many places do this and just go ahead with the ‘gut instinct’ of the CEO/highest ranked person!

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Life’s things! hehe. I knew uservoice as well but we use zendesk to compile this kind of feedback and I think is enought at the moment, but yes, I’ll keep in mind.

Finally I decided make a clasification about new ideas, doubts and improvements. Then you will have in mind a MVP with a value and effort. Also you count the user impact score. With all these element you can fast create a kind of roadmap and… that’s all. I think for scrum meetings is enought at moment in order to link them in zenhub for dev team.

Anyway I’m sooo grateful about your collaboration. And if you have new ideas or points of view, I’ll be ready to listen to them.

Thank you again!

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