From the classroom to the cubicle: UX in the real world



Here you are, fresh from a UX education, armed with a full complement of design tools and techniques. These will undoubtedly help you in your career. But, when you arrive at your first UX job you’ll find conditions a little different than they were in the classroom. You’ll soon see that the skills that got you ahead in school aren’t the same as the skills you’ll need at the office.

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Thanks so much for this article, Leon. It’s the most constructive and encouraging read about the relationship between learning design and actually delivering design that I’ve seen in a while. =)


Thanks, Lukcha!

For the others reading it, I’d love to hear from recent UX grads whether the stories and lessons in it still ring true.

Much of it is based on my experience working for an enterprise software company about 10 years ago, so I’m curious if UX education and/or corporate UX environments have evolved to close the gap between them.