Freelancers, what do you miss the most about working in an office?


I’m not sure how many of you work from home, but I do. Since I stopped working in the office, the things I miss most are Friday pub lunches and afterwork drinks. My boyfriend works at a really relaxed office so I tend to head in there for afterwork drinks (they have painted one entire side of the office in whiteboard paint so that the kids can amuse themselves writing on the walls while we enjoy a drink) but I hadn’t nailed the Friday pub lunch… until now.

I’m currently sitting in the sun at the pub. Admittedly I’m alone, but having my laptop takes the sting out of that, and I can still work.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. :wink:


Good work :slight_smile:



Yes a Friday pub lunch is missing from my routine. I may need to correct that this week!

I miss playing table football. I’m hoping that UX Mastery will be able to afford a table one day. But we probably need an office to put it in first!

I work from a coworking space once a week and manage to fill the gaps (random conversations with coworkers, bouncing ideas off people, other general office antics) by doing so. My role also involves client meetings more than my last job, so I get some vicarious “office life” fulfilment by visiting other workplaces. :slight_smile: