Freelancers - please help me by taking a short survey!



As many of you know, I run an advice column with Optimal Workshop called UX Agony Aunt. I’ve received a letter from a freelancer who needs some advice and I’ll be honest with you guys I’m a bit out of my depth on this one having never worked in that environment. So I’m doing what any good UXer would do and I’m doing some research!

If you are a freelance UX professional and have a few minutes to spare, please take my short and completely anonymous (because I’m too cheap to use a paid version of a survey creator!) survey and help me research this issue!


Thanks in advance for your help!



I’ll tweet this out for you.


Thanks Hawk! :slight_smile:


I’ve had some AMAZING responses come through in just two days! The length and the level of detail in each response has been wonderful and will go a long way to helping this person!
Thank you and keep them coming!



The tweet got a few favourites so no doubt sent a few people your way. Glad it’s helping.