Hello, I would like to start working as a ux/ui designer/web designer freelancer but I’m not sure how to start. How to get the first customers? Where to look for job opportunities? And how to promote my personal brand? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a freelancer? Share some of your experience. Thanks. Best regards.


Hey @carlad
Great questions! For context, are you already a UX/UI designer that wants to move into freelancing, or do you want to get into the field from another discipline?



I have professional background from another area but actually my goal is work in ux/ui designer. I searching for freelancer projects to make my portfólio more viable and begin freelancing.


Ok great.

This topic should be helpful: How do I find portfolio projects?

@Louise is our expert on this topic!


Hi @carlad, I haven’t worked as a freelancer myself, but I do know a lot of people who do. A suggestion I could offer it to try and connect with more freelance UXers yourself. Meetups are my personal recommendation for how to do that. Try to just be open and talkative and genuine, but also let them know that you are open to freelance work.

Some freelancers operate on their own, but often they will be offered projects that require more than one UXer and then you may get a great chance to work with someone more experienced, or perhaps they won’t actually have availability and the clients will ask them if they know any other UXers that are available! So building a good network might mean you get leads from other UXers.

And of course it always great to meet people and build your network for other reasons too, e.g. for fun :slight_smile: