Freelance websites - what do hiring managers look for?


Hello all!

For those of you who have hired freelancers [UX/UI Designers/developers], I have a few questions. What do you look for on their website? Anything in particular that impresses you? What puts you off? Do you focus on the design of their website as an indicator?

I know experience and good design processes will be high on the list, but i’m searching for something which I may not have thought of.

However, any feedback will be of great use to me.


I look for experience, work examples and references.


hiring freelancers is very different to hiring perm staff. Expertise over potential. I want to see that you have the competencies to do the job with as little training up/getting up to speed as possible. I’d be looking at your skills and experience for sure looking for breadth of examples doing the exact or similar jobs for other clients.


I’ve been told by people who have hired me that they love seeing passion projects executed all the way through. Name dropping is great too but if your work is boring, it doesn’t matter.