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Every now and then we get some great discounts (and occasionally free stuff!) crossing our desk, so this is where we’ll share them with you!


(Note: this is a closed thread. If you have a discount or deal for our members, please message me.)


Use the code UXMastery to get 15% off tickets to Mobile UX London.

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30% off @joenatoli’s UX Requirements Made Simple course.

If you’re a UX designer or product manager dealing with changing a traditional engineering requirements process to a user-centred one, and considering an online course, ‘UX Requirements Made Simple’ is an excellent option.

Community member @jdebari kindly reviewed it for us and gave it 10/10, so it’s worth a look.

Course author @joenatoli has also offered UX Mastery community members a 30% discount. Use the following link to have it automatically applied:

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Use the code UXMASTERY20 to get 20% off Rosenfeld Media books.