Framer X Beta


Anyone else joined the Beta program. I’m teaching myself UI with this program, based in React as well.


I was just prodded to try it. I think it’s really powerful, but it’s usefulness is limited.

I know HTML/CSS and know the basics of OOP from wasting a ton of student loan debt on Actionscript classes. I can poke around in the React code, but enough syntax is different that it’s annoying to have to google. I think I’d really have to learn React to make use of Framer X as it’s intended to be used. Then, it’s only useful with developers that use React.

Without the ‘usable code’ aspect, I’m not seeing a ton different from the most popular of the other 50 UI/Prototyping programs. I’m too used to Sketch’s approach to atomic design that Framer X’s feels pretty clunky when visually designing.

If there was a more WYSIWYG approach to component code and behaviors, I’d probably be eager to invest in learning the whole system. Otherwise, an entire programming course to make prototypes isn’t attractive. The store seems like a great concept, but I got frustrated with needing to know the code to use the more complex components.

It looks like there still isn’t much in the way of hand-off, either.

I think Framer X is a degree in neurosurgery whereas I’m a general practitioner who doesn’t see a lot of brain cancer.