Forum Etiquette: When should I add to my old thread and when should I create a new thread?



Hello everyone!

This questions applies to all forums I suppose. If I have a question that is somewhat related to a previous thread that I created, but at the same time is a fairly substantial question that could stand up as it’s own thread, should I ask it in my preexisting question or create a new thread? As I am learning UX, I have a LOT of questions that constantly arise. I’m afraid that if I post them in old questions they will become buried and less visible.

For example, right now I am embarking on a practice project that I need advice on. The part I am stuck on right now is related to finding if there is a user need for the product through contextual inquiries. At the same time, last week I asked a question about the broad generalities of contextual inquiries. My gut tells me to create a new thread for my more specific question so that more people may see it. However, I don’t want to over-saturate the forums with threads every time I have a question.

UX Mastery has fast become my go-to for advice and guidance, and the community here is incredibly kind, patient, and helping of complete newcomers like myself. I ask this question because I don’t want to abuse this community, yet questions are constantly popping up in my head!


Hey there,

I suggest going with your gut and start a new thread if you think it stands on its own. You can always reference your older thread if you want to.


Thank you!


Good on your for asking.

I support Piper’s comment and have some additional thoughts of my own.

Discourse (this forum platform) allows you to start a new ‘linked topic’. If you click the timestamp at the right of a post you’ll get a modal like the one below. Clicking New Topic will open a new topic with a link back to the old one for context.

The other thing of note is that I quite often split out topics into new ones so they don’t get lost. So essentially you can do what you like and I’ll fix it. Gotta earn my keep somehow. :wink:


@HAWK, thank you so much! That is super helpful to know! Haha, I’m glad this community has a manager as hard working as you!