For New People who just join UX world/want to learn more about UX


Hi. i am Yuda. i am still new to UX world, but i really want to learn it more.
i have a suggestion for this site. Can we have like competition or collaboration sub-forum where people can work on their UX and show it to here?
it can be actual project or fake project. My main point is to give new people like me an experience about UX in real life, so we can decide and design our own UX.

i am sorry if my thread is not that great. thank you for reading it. :slight_smile:


That’s a great idea @kibou
In the immediate term, we could start a collaborative thread for each project in the Mentoring sub-forum, and if the idea proves popular then I’d be really happy to create a dedicated sub-forum.

How does that sound?


nice idea, like portfolio laboratory learning by doing sub-forum :wink: +1


Hello world! I have little to no experience as a UX designer. The reason I say that it’s because my approach to web design was more of what it looks good. Yes, I know little things here and there, but I feel like I need to forget everything I know and start over so I can approach UX with a fresh view. Any advice on where to start? What to focus on? etc.


Hey @mariojacome – welcome!

We can definitely help you with that. Here’s all the best advice from the community compiled into one place.
And this article (which is part of the ebook that you will have received a voucher for when you signed up here) is also a really good place to start.

Have a read through those and let us know what new questions arise. :slight_smile:

Are you currently working in a design role or some description?