For Fun-sees: How To Dress Like a UXer


So it’s a known fact (by me) that advertising people and designers have a penchant for wearing black, donning architect style glasses and throwing a leather messenger bag over their shoulder to complete a look - but what about UXers?


Love this topic.

On any other day I swear I’d take a photo and post it up, but I’m literally about to go to a wedding so my outfit is far from the standard!

I should have done it anyway and deadpanned it, for a laugh. Wow, UXers really do go overboard with the dressing up.


Hah this is fun :slight_smile:

When I was studying industrial design, the teachers told us that by the end of our final year we would all be wearing black head to toe to hide the fact that we didn’t go home the night before and stayed up working!

That didn’t happen to me at all - while I am guilty of working late into the night (on my own stuff not my job) I rarely wear all black.

I wear a lot of colour! Prints too! I pretty much live in dresses (50s style usually cinched at the waist) and I only own one pair of jeans. I like sparkles, sequins (yep in the office), glitter covered shoes and textured fabrics. I do look like a creative professional- I stand out in very corporate y offices! You’ll never see me wearing a white collared shirt!

I also have visible tattoos on my arms, legs and back of the neck and I tend to dye my hair all sorts of unnatural colours like blue and pink- the side of my head had a rainbow at one time. Today I’ve just dyed it black with a plan to bleach an under panel and dye that panel green.

We are who we are and I tend to use my outfits to express that to the world.


OK, let me add one related question - what do you think of the look of “older” men (over 35) wearing Beats or other large headphones?

I think the sound on the majority of ear buds is awful but who wants to be THIS guy? (…and I have been btw!)


I actually think that guy looks like fun!


At least he doesn’t have those pesky headphone cords that get in the way! :grinning:


My husband is over 35! So are the bulk of the male UX professionals I know and they would totally own this look :grinning:


I met up with a couple of UXers while visiting Melbourne (one being @Lukcha), before meeting up with another I described myself as a bespectacled bearded Englishman - remove the English part, and that seems to work for a lot of the male UXers I’ve met.


@Dean - that’s hilarious, I can easily see how that description of yourself wouldn’t be of much help in picking you out of a crowd.


@Dean I’m with you on the bearded and bespectacled part, though not the Englishman.

@SteveCrow I’m not yet 35 (close), but I’ll be damned if I’m giving up my comfortable headphones at that age.


@dougcollins - they look good on you but wait 20 years! Oh, the architect style glasses look really cool on you, and they should have been on my list of the UX uniform. I’ve been looking for a pair like that - can you tell me the brand/model number?


@SteveCrow I’ve made a reminder in my Google Calendar to change headphones 20 years from now.

Glad you liked the glasses! They are definitely on the UX uniform for a lot of guys I meet. I’ll admit that I don’t need them everyday, but I often wear them as they help me fit the part. They are, however, quite helpful with eye strain.

The frames are the “Justin” style by I-DEALOPTICS. Model 54-15-145, black color. Looks like they run $42.99.


@dougcollins wow, that’s a good price!


@SteveCrow I’m nothing if not frugal :slight_smile:


This is perhaps my favourite community thread of all time. You guys are helping each other buy accessories! Love it.

And I strongly concur with the bearded, be-speckled thing. I’ve worked with a lot of guys that fit squarely into that mould (each in their own unique way of course). You need to get some glasses @Lukcha!


@HAWK ha ha, glad you’re loving it!


@HAWK Maybe the visual designers among us could put something together like this but focused on UX Designers :slight_smile:

or even

or I’ve clearly gone off the deep end!


We need one for women too! :grinning:


@AshleaMcKay Yeah, thanks for saying that…I wanted to come back and edit my post to make it clear that I didn’t mean just for men, but you beat me to it!


@SteveCrow Hahaha I know what you meant :grinning: