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We are a team of designers trying to find a solution for a complex web design. Here are the constraints

  1. We are trying to redesign the old main frame application to a modern website.
  2. We have a java backend code that has a one to one screens of the old main frame application.
  3. The total number of screens are 450 around.
  4. We need to reduce the screens and number of clicks to something around 50.
  5. We cannot change the data structure.

Still we need to design a modern website that makes user life easy.

Any ideas are welcome.


It sounds like an interesting project! How much are you willing to spend on a UX consultant to provide a solution?


Sounds like you should do two things to start:

  1. Design a modern website that would be easy to use by interviewing users and seeing where their pain points in the application are, and
  2. Find a cloud service that translates Java to some usable front-end code.

Here is an example, but there are other options.


A thorough card sorting is where I would begin. This would assist in creating your aggregate content strategy to minimize your clicks/pages, as well as carve out the appropriate navigation schema to match your constraints. Sounds basic, but often overlooked. Your goal is to reduce content presentation from the one to one linear to a truncated yet structured new presentation layer. Reverse sort can provide the cluster analysis you may need for your goals.