For A Financial App what is the best practice to Do UX

I am developing a Financial App. In here I have to deal with tons of data and grids and tables. What is the best UX practice to follow when in a situation like this? Developers are also confused. I need a optimal solutaion for this

I work for a company that makes trading software for financial advisors. In terms of tables, here are some of our design standards:

  • Columns with numbers are right-aligned.
  • Columns with text are left-aligned.
  • Columns containing both numbers and text are right-aligned.
  • Black text for positive numbers, red text in parentheses for negative numbers.
  • Zebra striping for ease of viewing (implemented in response to requests from our clients)
  • Each table has a title at the top left as well as a header row.
  • Links within tables appear as underlined black text.
  • Users are allowed to choose how many rows of data they want to see, in set increments (10, 25, 50, 100, 200, all – part of this has to do with the backend Java library we use).
  • All columns are sortable, unless there is a very good reason they should not be.
  • Column headers are persistent.

Some good reading on these design patterns:

Text/number alignments:

Black text/red text/parentheses:

A good argument for zebra striping:

Persistent Column Headers:

I hope that helps! Let me know if I can answer any specific questions.


What is zebra striping?

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Alternating darker and lighter backgrounds on rows.

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Here you go:


ThankYou for your Replies.