Fold or Scroll? or both in a website



Keeping in mind best user experience can we have in a website mix of both Fold as well as scroll. For about us in a website we have used “Scroll” while for rest of the pages we have used “Fold”.
Any help or suggestions regarding this will be appreciated


can u post an example/screenshot?


Agreed ^

I’m not sure what you mean by fold in this context…


Example of scroll

Example of fold


hi @swarat_g

I think that it depends on the goal you want to achieve with the page and the content you deliver.
Keeping in mind that users are not “scrollers”, the “About us” puts a lot of importance to the video.
If the goal is to show the video then, in my opinion, the page is well designed.
I believe that the lack of consistency, in terms of user interactions, to browse the website sections has no huge impact on the overall experience.

Of course looks like you’re establishing a pattern:

  • fold approach for landing pages
  • scroll approach to detail pages


Really appreciate mate :slight_smile: