Floating chat button best position



Where is the best position of the chat/help floating button in a content-heavy web page?
Is there any best practices to consider when it comes to eye tracking?


Personally, I like the position of B. It tracks naturally for me from left to right.


Bottom right (B).
That seems to be the usual spot for it, so that’s where I would put it.

You can always perform quick-and-dirty research with questions like this by going to 4-5 sites that have live chat functionality and see where they have put it.




1- Is there any reason for B against A?
2 -What is your thought on this: http://www.optus.com.au/shop/tablet


1: If you aren’t deliberately trying to break a convention with your design, then use it to your advantage. Since it is most common to put it bottom right, that is the first place people will go looking for it.

2: Don’t group “live chat support” and “feedback” with “deals”. Deals are sales related, the other two are about communicating with the business.

Since it is fixed, reappearing on scroll, people WILL see it because it effectively “blinks” at you, but that is also very distracting.

Why not replace the bottom right “feedback” with “live chat”?

I would put the feedback request at the very end of a transaction, where people will actually have something to say about the experience, and where it seems natural and optional.