First user survey



I’m about to embark on my first phone based user survey and wanted to run my questions past some knowledgable UX peeps for feedback on clarity, leading questions, unconscious bias, anything else.

The process

  1. Where are you usually located when using _____ for ordering services?
  2. If _____ was easier to use on a mobile device, do you think you would use it at customer
    sites more often?
  3. Are there any other features that would enable you to use _____ on the go?
  4. Are you familiar with either vendor or _____ product numbers?
    a. and would you ever use them when looking for a product?
  5. Do you have multiple users logging in to _____?
    a. How many?

Products & support

  1. How big a part of your business is cloud based services?
  2. Do your customers usually know what they want before contacting you or do they require
    more consultation with yourself?
  3. How do you find out about new products available to your customers?
  4. intY provides sales and marketing documentation and support is this something you
    find useful or could benefit more from?
    a. Are there any other types of material you would find helpful?



Q2 is very leading, I’d imagine most people will say yes to that.

Also I’d try and keep away form Y/N question, as its gives less insights.
‘Give me an example’ is a great way to get specific details, and also lets the conversation flow.
’Tell me about the last time you did X’

I always have to remind myself, to listen more and talk less.

Hope this helps.